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Arizona Student Media is open Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We're located on the south side of the Park Student Union at 615 N Park. Look for our entrance in the courtyard. You can also call (area code 520) or email us:


Student Media main line  621-3425     Brett Fera  Director, Daily Wildcat Adviser  621-3408
Daily Wildcat Newsroom  621-3552     Mike Camarillo  Broadcast Adviser KAMP & UATV  621-8002
Wildcat Classified Advertising  621-3425     Nancy Greene  Business Manager  621-8659
Wildcat Display Advertising  621-3425     Karen Tortorella-Notari  Advertising Accounting and Classified Ad Manager  621-5982 
Wildcat Marketing  621-3408     Cindy Callahan  Creative Services Manager  621-3377
Wildcat Distribution  621-3408     Marty Ezrre  Wildcat Advertising Sales Executive  621-5816
KAMP Student Radio  621-7541     Ashley Lueders  Wildcat Advertising Sales Executive
UATV Channel 3  621-8172           
UA Campus Map Advertising  621-0351