KAMP Radio

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Student on air
photo by Griffin Riley, Daily Wildcat

KAMP Student Radio is home to more than 60 student volunteers and employees who host shows in all genres of music as well as talk and sports. Students manage the station, anchor its shows, and provide mobile deejay services to campus organizations and local businesses. Listen to KAMP 24/7 on its livestream, using its iPhone or Google play apps, and on AM 1570. Residence Hall students can hear KAMP through closed-circuit television on UATV channel 3. 

Email KAMP Radio: gm@kamp.arizona.edu


KAMP members

The Daily Wildcat, UATV-3 and KAMP Student Radio offer unparalleled leadership opportunities. Students across all media are positioned to have their voice – and the voices of the students they represent – amplified. Student leaders make decisions small and large, exercise responsibility on a daily basis, and learn to manage their peers. As the editorially-independent voice of the UA student body, they’re also charged with agenda setting on issues of importance to the campus community.

Personal Expression and Career Readiness

Student in production booth

Arizona Student Media is the on-campus “home” each year to more than 200 passionate, engaged students – each gaining real-world, on-the-job experience as they hone their skills in news and sports reporting, marketing, photography, graphic design, accounting, broadcast production, and more. Their responsibility: to produce daily, unfettered, creative, editorially-independent news, advertising and broadcast content.

Serving the UA Community

Mobile DJ

Arizona Student Media was there when the ‘Cats won basketball’s national championship, and when Tucson’s streetcar took its first ride. Its students were there when UA scientists reached for Mars, and when the eyes of a nation turned to Tucson, amid a most inexplicable tragedy. With a UA community of more than 45,000 students and greater than 16,000 faculty and staff – let alone countless alumni, visitors and community supporters – Student Media continues to evolve to inform its audiences in new ways, via a multitude of platforms.