Student Media Fee

What is the Student Media Fee? The refundable $3 per student per semester fee helps support the student-run Arizona Daily Wildcat, KAMP Student Radio, and UATV3. The fee supplements the revenue generated through Daily Wildcat advertising sales which support the entire Student Media department. Each semester we have 300 students engaged in dynamic broadcasting, journalism and new media activities. Your fee supports their training, development, and career preparation as they deliver news, entertainment and information to campus.

Is this a new fee? No. Originally it was approved by student referendum in 1998 as a $1.00 per student per semester fee to support KAMP Student Radio. An increase to $3 was approved by referendum in spring 2013. The increased fee expands support to the other student-run media operations.

Can I get a refund? Yes. Email Karen Tortorella-Notari.  The deadline to request a refund is the last day of classes of the semester in which the fee was paid.

How is the Fee money used, and what's the budget?  

STUDENT MEDIA FEE 2015-2016 Budget
REVENUE 259,700
Personal Services (Includes pay stipends for KAMP and UATV editorial boards and technical positions, plus Wildcat digital media students. It also pays for professional advisers, and mandated Employee Related Expenses) 170,000
Operating Expenses (Operating expenses include computer, digital media and broadcast equipment) 70,000
Administrative Service Charge (1%)   2,400

Debt Service (This is a portion of the $60,000 annual debt Student Media pays for the remodeling/new construction of Park Student Union offices)

NET     5,300
BEGINNING FUND BALANCE (ending fund balance from 2014-2015 fiscal year)  40,000
PROJECTED YEAR-END FUND BALANCE (fund balance maintained to cover unexpected needs/expenses)

  MORE QUESTIONS? Please email Brett Fera, director of Student Media.